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India is recognised in the international market as the second-largest consumer of mobile phones. However, these growing numbers present a sharp contrast to the quantity of cell phones used in the rural parts of the country. Owing to the lack of digital literacy, a large portion of the rural population hesitates from investing in digital devices. In most urban places, businesses are promoted through online campaigns. Additionally, tonnes of data regarding the business is stored and managed on computer systems.

Despite being aware of the new developments in modern technology, the villagers are biased towards not utilising digital systems. They are of the opinion that a lack of primary education makes them incapable of operating complex digital tools. In order to shatter such preconceived notions of the Indian population, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the National Digital Literacy Mission, which is a scheme that aspires to reach out to Gram Panchayats in the remotest corners of the country and provide training to increase the digital literacy of all Indian citizens. Most classes are planned to be held in the Common Service Centres. There are more than 80,000 CSCs situated in different villages across India, but not many villagers have been able to benefit from their presence. This has happened because the institutional hubs lack internet connectivity. To counter such inefficiencies in the system, the Universal Services Obligation Fund has created the Bharat Broadband Network. The BBN is set to provide internet connection through an optical fibre network to around 2, 50,000 Gram Panchayats in India. Together, BBN and NDLM aim at giving every citizen of India a platform to learn more, grow faster, and accomplish bigger dreams.

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